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...shows Pete at the Beaminster Festival of Music and the Visual Arts in Summer 2009, where he headlined the opening concert in the Town Square on a gloriously sunny Saturday afternoon (read: Phew! It's a bit hot to be playing the guitar, innit?). Yes, Pete is out gigging again, and working in the studio polishing his forthcoming CD 'Hope, doom...and calories'.

Two of the songs from the CD, 'Big Storm' - a hard-driving climate change message, and 'Don't mess with me ('coz I'm a cyclist)' - a song that's, er, either for or against cyclists, we're not sure which, are already proving to be hits, and should soon be available on many popular download sites.

Important news for organisers:

Pete Quin has moved. The new contact details are:

Pete & Barbara Quin

41 Cranbrook Road

Bristol   BS6 7BP

Tel: 0117 9190099

As you probably know, Pete Quin is one of England's most experienced fine guitarist/songwriter/singers, still making people count his fingers and sing his songs after well over forty years (Gosh, he doesn't look that old! Oh, yes, he does. Sigh.).

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Pete Quin now plays Voyage-Air guitars as well as his well-known 1965 Gibson SJN. Check out at - they are the most

exciting development in guitars since the invention of, well, the guitar!